Chipper Aircraft Business for Sale
Is for Sale
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The Chipper 2 aircraft is, and was, a spectacular STOL performer. It was glowingly reviewed by Kitplanes and EAA Sport Pilot.

Hi Chipper Fans,


We're glad you're reading this message. We have important news to share with you concerning our Chipper Aircraft. 


On June 6, our facility was burned in a severe fire. It destroyed 10 years worth of accumulated inventory, tooling, office equipment, CNC machines, and so forth. Our business insurance has provided us with a partial payback on what we owned.  


We did not receive enough insurance proceeds to continue to operate. We did not have business interruption insurance. The life savings of James and Kathy were invested in the business, and it is gone now, without recovery. Therefore, James is focused on creating current and future income through electronics work. 


Our Radiant Instrument store is up and running. Click Here 


We prioritized insurance proceeds to pay the debts of the business and, to the best of our abilities, the obligations to our customers.


We are seeking a serious buyer for the Chipper 2 design. 


The Chipper 2 Aircraft is, and was, a spectacular STOL performer. It was glowingly reviewed by Kitplanes and EAA Sport Pilot. The senior editor of Flying Magazine was a fan (although he hadn't yet printed an article!)


We have maintained and improved our CAD database since the fire, keeping a full time employee on staff to manage customer builder questions and add details to the CAD.


We offer:

a) A demonstrator aircraft with 130HP new engine

b) 2 additional partially completed aircraft

c) CAD design

d) A community of approximately 25 builders

e) An additional community of interested future builders

f) A Facebook community of approximate 45,000 fans

g) Parts

h) Low cost manufacturing resources for machined components


Are you interested? 

Direct serious inquiries to, and we'd enjoy talking to you.