STOL Performance

Chipper has demonstrated short field takeoff and landings and wowed the crowds at Sun N Fun and Oshkosh. Chipper has proven STOL features in its design: Fowler Flaps, Droop Ailerons, High Aspect ratio wing, lifting fuselage design, Hoerner wingtips. Leading Edge Slats are now pending .

Metal Wings

Most builders want metal wings, and ours improve appearances and performance.  They are awesome.  We’ve developed a technique for bonding and riveting them to the wing frame that works well.

Taildragger Utility

Chipper’s base version provides the ruggedness and utility of a taildragger configuration. The main gear are machined from 7075T6 aluminum – stronger than many steels.

Speed and STOL Performance?

Can they coexist?


Yes. Even with 22” tundra tires, James has been economically cruising at about 92 knots. With smaller tires and wheel fairings, expect cruise speeds of 100+ knots. 

Sunrise Chipper.jpg
Light Weight &
Big Useful Load

Chippers can fly at 625 pounds. With a gross weight of 1232 pounds, useful load is over 600 pounds. Impressive!

Honeycomb Aluminum 

James designed the aircraft with Honeycomb aluminum in the cabin structure. This was proven when he had an engine incident in Alaska, hit the ground nose first and hard, flipped the plane, and walked away, nearly unscratched.

Low Build Cost

With an airframe kit at $12,495 and a finishing kit of $3,995, Chipper remains the exemplary value vs performance in 2 seat aircraft

Attractive Airplane

Just about everyone likes the looks.

Great Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Read about Chipper in EAA’s Sport Aviation (January 2018) or in Kitplanes (June 2018). Fantastic reviews from respected journalists: Hal Bryan (senior editor, EAA) and LeRoy Cook (40 years of aviation journalism excellence).

High Altitude Performance

One of Chipper's first flights was to Angel Fire, NM. Even with just an 80HP engine, Chipper excelled in the high density altitude (10,400’) and made high altitude work look like child’s play.

Tricycle Gear

We’re still working on this. It will enter flight test in the spring of 2019.

Folded Wings

Heavy duty machined lift strut swivels allow the wings to fold. This is an available option. 

World Class CNC Machined Parts

Our CNC parts have appearance and quality which is simply the best. The extensive use of these CNC parts allows control system installation with bolt on ease. All of our metal machinings are from solid 6061T6 billet, then anodized.

Large Cabin

Compare our cabin to the Zenith 701, or even the 750. You’ll like our cabin.

Proven Engines

We like Rotax 80HP and 100HP and ULPower to 130HP, and are supporting these with FireWall Forward kits. The Rotax 80HP provides impressive, not mediocre performance and burns cheap autogas. Our Australian dealer is also supporting the Jabaru engine.

Subkits are Available

Want to spread out the financial drain? Order your Chipper in subkits.

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Builder Community

Chipper Builder is our friendly Facebook community. Ask questions and find help. Join the CAD Club and look in the CAD library, online.

Stall Characteristics

Pull back the power, pull back the stick, and Chipper will give you plenty of warning prior to stall. It is very controllable airplane in slow flight, as well.