Now Flying - Easy to Build, Economically Priced

Introducing Chipper SS! A Single Seat Aircraft that is either Part 103 or Experimental. It's easy to build, and economically priced, so you can make your dreams a reality.


We continued to hear the call for a Part 103 that was built and flew like a real airplane. And after the many years that James Wiebe has spent on perfecting the flight and build criteria, he knew it also had to meet experimental requirements.


Now it's ready, and there are a number of ways for you to get in on Chipper SS.

Aircraft Highlights:

✔ CNC machined parts for easy construction and quick building

✔ Honeycomb aluminum and honeycomb fiberglass included in the kit

✔ Build as either Ultralight Part 103 or as Experimental Amateur Built (EAB)

✔ Comfortable, large, enclosed cabin 

✔ Great looking design

✔ Extremely strong aluminum reinforced cabin, with precision cut baltic birch side skins

✔ Impressive aerospace 7075T6 aluminum landing gear bolt on

✔ Rivets, glue, classic fabric covering

✔ Absolutely no welding

Here is what you can expect in Ultralight Mode:

✔ Easy takeoff and quick climb

✔ Spectacular loitering aloft with fantastic visibility

✔ 28 MPH stall speed

✔ Maximum cruise of 62 mph

✔ Gross weight of 484 lbs.

✔ 5 gallons of fuel

  • Our store has deposits starting at $50. Get a commemorative T-Shirt.

  • Pay $130 deposit and add the manual and blueprints.

  • $600 deposits puts you in line for Early Bird Pricing through April 30.

  • The reliable Polini Thor 250 engine is on sale through April 30.  

Early Bird Price on the Airframe Kit: $6000!

Good through April 30, 2019

The CHIPPER SS (Single Seat)