The CHIPPER Two Place Experimental KITS

The CHIPPER is an experimental airplane  that received an FAA air worthiness certification in April 2017. As an experimental aircraft it is required to be 51% amateur build. Chipper Aerospace has developed kit packages that feature step-by-step plans, top end CNC parts, honeycomb aluminum structure for strength and lightness, and many other engineered features that make The CHIPPER a phenomenal kit package resulting in a high value, high performing aircraft.


There are four primary KITS at present to build three distinct CHIPPER aircraft.

  • CHIPPER Taildragger KIT
    Our main model with taildragger landing gear.

  • CHIPPER STOL Taildragger KIT
    Our main model which includes slats and taildragger landing gear.

  • CHIPPER  Tricycle KIT
    Our main model with tricycle landing gear.


The KIT has two parts: The Airframe Kit and the Finishing Kit. You’ll also need other things including, but not limited to: an engine, engine mount, battery, propeller, instruments, fabric, glue, paint and more. There are items which you will be required to purchase. See Our What's Included document for further detail.

Build Time

As of May 2018, Chipper can be built in approximately 700 hours if you purchase the metal wing option.  The metal wings will save up to 300 hours over a fabric installation.

Furthermore, if you purchase a Quick Build kit and have us install the metal skins, your build time should be about 350 hours.  This solution is certified by the FAA as compliant with the 51% rule.

This does not include the time involved with painting the airplane (you don't need to paint metal.)  We also don't include the task of wiring the instrument panel in this estimate.  The complexity and options you choose for that is your decision.

Airframe Kits

  • Cabin – PP1200

  • Rear fuselage – PP1300

  • Rudder – PP1600

  • Horizontal stabilizer and elevator – PP1700 / PP1800

  • Wings (set of 2) – PP1000

  • Hoerner wingtips (set of 2) – PP1900

  • Jury Struts – PP2300

  • Cabin Seat – PP2200

Finishing Kits

  • WINGS (set of two)

  • Cabin              Lift Struts

  • Landing Gear (set of two)

  • Windshield     • Seats

  • Entry Door (set of 2)

  • Cabin Braces  • Landing Gear

  • Talildragger - Tail Wheel Spring
    Tricycle - Nose gear assembly)

  • Control Systems


  • Stretch Cabin for 6' 2.5" and taller

  • Belly Tank (12 gallon)

  • Folding Wings

  • Quick Build

  • Wings, rear fuselage and cabin are all assembled and shipped to the builder, saving about half of the build time. Our Quick Builds are contracted through an outside vendor.


Chipper is offered in these subassemblies:

  • Cabin

  • Horizontal Feathers

  • Wings

  • Rear Fuselage

  • Rudder, Wingtip, & Miscellaneous



Kit Feature 1

CNC parts make building a CHIPPER easier as many parts are cut to final shape.

Kit Feature 2

Our Quick Build Kits speed up the process while still being in FAA compliance. 

The CHIPPER is broken into subassembly units. This means you can buy and build incrementally. 



Kit Feature 4

Active builder group on Facebook. Join the CAD Club for access to CAD files & new advances.



Kit Feature 3



Kits & Building

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