The CHIPPER has been heavily covered in the media since it was introduced at the SUN 'n FUN Fly-in & Exposition in 2017. As Grant Boyd concluded in his article in Aviators Hotline, “Chipper rivals other kit planes and has been called (by media members and amateur pilots, alike) as the ‘Best in its Class.’” We appreciate the positive reviews as well as the testimonials from our customers. Below are some articles which have reviewed The Chipper or carried announcements regarding our continued performance advances. 

"The Chipper: Economy two-seat flying
for STOL and cruising."

By Leroy Cook

June 2018

" It turns out, Belite’s new Chipper is a bit different from anything else we’ve seen in this arena."

January 2018

"A Belite Built for Two"

By Hal Bryan

Hal Bryan - "takeoffs are silly little things..."

January 2018

"A Belite Built for Two"

Video Introduction to The Chipper

"promises affordable STOL and cross-country flying from a kit that’s fast and easy to build."

January 2018

"The Belite Chipper"

By Grant Boyd

"Chipper truly is a customer-centric airplane and suggestions have been heavily integrated into the current plane's design."

January 2018

"Quick Build now available for Chipper Experimental Aircraft"

Press Release

December 2017

"Review of Chipper in Experimenter"

By Dan Grunloh

Dan Grunloh - "truly amazing."

"Belite Chipper posts performance gains"

By General Aviation News Staff

August 2017

August 2017

"Belite’s Chipper Aircraft Continues Evolving"

By Rob Mark

"Could this be the future of aircraft manufacturing?"

June 2017

"Chipper Leaps into the Air"

By Rob Mark

"easy, lightweight construction and exceptional short-field performance."

April 2017

"Chipper Two Seat Experimental Aircraft at Sun N Fun 2017"

Video Interview of James Wiebe by Dan Johnson

"Belite Chipper First Look"

By Paul Dye

April 2017


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