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1219/09/12 16:33:35 ./simcity I have a problem with my intel graphic card after a bad reboot. I cannot install the driver, so i tried to install the latest drivers from intel. After a reboot i cannot see the desktop. I could open ubuntu software center and type terminal. Could you help me please? ty ikonia how old is that card, missakaplan? missakaplan,^ BluesKaj, It's a new laptop. Intel C210 i am not sure if this is a ubuntu issue or osx issue, but if i download windows 10... will it work in osx? would i have to install some kind of virtual box and do an install from there? right now i have a macbook that runs osx and then another one running windows 10 not sure if i can run 2 at once or not Hi, I'm getting "file too large" error while doing apt-get update on my new ubuntu 16.04 My proxy is configured on my ubuntu, so the same error is not with my windows 7. I'm able to connect to the proxy server but unable to fetch the files on the internet. Can any one help me? bipul: /usr/share/doc/libc6/examples/accept-headers-info.txt "Affected" me with that too bipul: dpkg -S /usr/share/doc/libc6/examples/accept-headers-info.txt for likely candidates No no I got it I went to /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/proxy and set my proxy to direct :) there you go :) That worked for me I'm sure other things in that directory could be important too, but if




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Crack With Clean 1911.dll For SimCity Crack Free reptan
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